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Warranty Information

  • Warranty is only valid for the customer who purchased the lights, the warranty is not transferrable i.e. if you put lights on your 4x4 and sell it one year later, the new owner does not receive the warranty on the product. ULTRA LED wiring harnesses are designed to work with our products. We encourage customers to ensure that the correct installation is completed, using an ULTRA LED harness included in your purchase when installing your lights. ULTRA LED reserves the right to void your warranty if we feel that the claim is due to poor installation such as but not limited to the incorrect wiring gauge, relay or connectors are used, plugs are not sealed correctly or the light has been tampered with. If the connector that comes with your ULTRA LED product is cut off, your warranty is automatically voided. ULTRA LED reserves the right to not replace a product under warranty if it is determined that the product was used incorrectly or damaged due to human error.

  • Warranties cover defects in design and manufacturing only. Warranties do not cover installation errors, wear and tear, acts of God, misuse, abuse, neglect, accidents, collisions, defects due to custom modifications, or any product modifications for that matter, configurations or combinations not performed by us or with our approval.

  • Warranty periods start on the shipment date or purchase date from dealer.

  • For all warranty returns, we will pay the courier costs on the condition that you return the defective product within 60 days of delivery; otherwise, the product must be returned to us with courier prepaid by you. At our option and as the exclusive remedy, we will repair or replace the product in question, or issue a credit. If an identical product is no longer available, we may replace with a similar product of comparable value.

Commercial Use:

  • Light Bars and Auxiliary Lights Used for Commercial Use: This covers the following industries: Agriculture, Mining, Industrial and Public safety (EMS, Police)

  • Warranty Period: Limited 1 year. Must be the original owner with proof of purchase upon claim.

Recreational Use:

  • Light Bars and Auxiliary Lights Used for Recreational Automotive/Off Road: This covers lights bars and auxiliary lights.

  • Warranty Period: Limited 3 year warranty. You must be the original owner with proof of purchase upon claim.

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